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Oslo based Rational Acoustics Scandinavia is the distributor of Rational Acoustoics Smaart, 10 EaZy and iSEMcon for the Northern European market.

Smaart class at Riksteatret, may 2019

16 sound engineers from pretty much all over the world came together at Riksteatret to enjoy 3 days of Smaart class. It were three intense days with sound system measurements and a lot of “nerding”, as they call this in Norway.

from left to right, Sijin Prakash (Qatar), Eriks Zegelis (Latvia), Ole Martin Sandaker, Benjamin Tveit, Kristian Bronebakk, Morten Serigstad, Jan Eldar Brekke, Lars Årdal,Magnus Dahle Larssen, Igor Milosavljevic (Netherlands), Leik Raknes Finne, Thomas Sandhaug, Peter Othberg (Sweden), Jørgen Johansen, Kenth Lyshaug, Cesar Jose Catalan (Argentina/Germany) Thomas Züllich in front – (country mentioned in parentheses – otherwise from Norway)

The atmosphere in the group was amazing. It was pleasure and honour to teach these 3 days at the Riksteatret. I also want to thank all the attendees and of course the Riksteatret crew for being such amazing hosts. – Thomas Züllich

Check out our class schedule and make sure to book a place early enough. –

2 day practicum in Denmark on March 11th and 12th

On March 11th and 12th 2019 Rasmus Rosenberg will be teaching a 2 day Smaart practicum in Copenhagen.

Follow the link below for more information and booking.

By public demand. We see more and more requests for the practicum classes coming up. Please give us a call should you be interested in such a format for venue or company.

As a reminder. There are still places available for the upcoming 3 day Smaart operator class  on March 26th to 28th 2019 Rasmus Rosenberg will be teaching @Olavshallen in Trondheim.

Follow the link below for more information and booking.

The Seven Sound System Dwarves

The official mascots of Rational Acoustics.  

These seven little gremlins like nothing more than to give your sound system their own distinctive voice.

Sure, they’re friendly enough when encountered as a balanced group, but hanging out with any one of them for too long can drive you to distraction – or worse.

Don’t be fooled by their diminutive stature and (sometimes) cute appearance – these little offenders have a long rap sheet filled with everything from simple charges of disturbing the peace to more flagrant offenses like system hijacking and mix vandalism.

Tubby – Low, slow and rarely on the go, but a formidable ally for getting a house rockin – when Tubby gets out of control, he has a bad habit of rolling around the bottom of your system and squashing everything.
Boxy – This dwarf certainly doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia. Boxy loves the congestion of enclosed spaces and is often criticized for his lack of openness. Given the chance, Boxy would remove all letters from your system’s alphabet besides the vowels “a” “o” and “u”.
Honky – A long-time supporter and admirer of Charlie Brown’s teacher, this little loudmouth likes to lend even the most well behaved system that lovely “paging horn” sound. Honky’s one ambition in life is to show off your system’s horns – even when you would rather he didn’t.
Barky – Never shy about giving you a piece of his mind, Barky can be aggressive about getting his point across. And mind his bite – you definitely don’t want this little guy to “sit” and “stay” in your system.
Edgy – A known associate of lead guitarists and harmonica-wielding frontmen, Edgy has been known to display some serious “anger management issues.” Spend too much time with this sharp, irritable little fellow and your ears just may need a valium.
Sibilant – Known to frequent clubs and discos with his pal Tubby, Sibilant is a great lover of all that “sizzles”. Unfortunately too much is often never enough for this high-strung dwarf. To be honest, we don’t even know if this little guy is from planet Earth. Seriously, just look at him!

Trondheim March 26th to 28th Smaart 3 day operator course

On March 26th to 28th 2019 Rasmus Rosenberg will be teaching a 3 day Smaart operator class @Olavshallen in Trondheim.

Follow the link below for more information and booking.

The proper implementation and use of 10 EaZy has been added to the Smaart curriculum, so the courses will give you a golden opportunity to learn more about SPL monitoring as well.