Smaart SPL

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Smaart SPL offers the same complete SPL measurement toolset from Smaart v8 in a purpose-built standalone package, with an interface designed for simplicity and speed. Smaart SPL provides a powerful and full-featured solution for monitoring, metering, and logging SPL but with a format and price point more accessible to users who don’t require the real-time frequency and impulse response mode analysis capabilities of our flagship Smaart v8 software.

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Smaart SPL is a dedicated Sound Pressure Level metering, logging, and reporting application. SPL does not perform Spectrum, Transfer Function, or Impulse Response measurements.


Simple Interface with SPL History Plots

• Quick access to configuration functions and logging actions from a single, intuitive control bar
• SPL History timeline shows data collected over entire logged or live-logging event
• At-a-glance display of all calibrated inputs
• Expandable meter grid for unlimited user-defined SPL readouts

Customizable Metering

• Smaart SPL calculates 15 SPL metrics by default, additional customizable metrics may be configured using “Advanced Meter Config”
• Fully user configurable SPL Meter Grid window
• View multiple metrics from one or many microphones in real time
• Green, Yellow, and Red “traffic light” threshold controls for each metric independently

Web Browser Interface

• Remotely view Smaart SPL’s actively logging inputs via a networked (LAN or Internet) desktop or mobile device
• API supports multiple client connections
• Password protection option for access control

Alarms & Event Notes

• Configure alarms for any or all calibrated inputs
• Alarm Events are flagged in the SPL timeline and noted in the timestamped logfile
• Triggered Alarms cause the input in violation to flash for a user-definable duration
• “Add Note” events as needed to any actively logging input

Logging & Reporting

Smaart SPL creates logfiles in .txt format, and can generate
SPL Summary Reports for user-defined time ranges.

  • Logfile Data

    • Smaart SPL logs all default and user-configured SPL metrics
    • Logfile contains a header for all Max values, as well as any overloads, alarm instances, and user-added notes.

    Click here for a sample log file.

  • SPL Summary Report

    • Comprehensive and easy to interpret reporting for delivery of SPL data to production teams, venue management, archival purposes, or any other interested party.
    • Optional automatic email generation to your default mail client
    Click here for a sample SPL summary.


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