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Thomas Züllich










Thomas Züllich – Smaart CI

Thomas runs the Rational Acoustics Scandinavia office in Oslo.

t.z. as many call him is an experienced SIM System II and Smaart engineer since the very early 90`s. He has given countless classes and workshops in the last 25 years.

Languages: German, English, French, Norwegian

full cv and class schedule here  – https://www.rationalacoustics.no/events/categories/thomas-zullich-smaart-ci/

Jakup A. Knudsen

Jakup A. Knudsen


Besides Smaart he teaches Soundweb London by BSS, Soundvision by L’Acoustics as well as classes in general sound system design & optimization for rental companies and schools. He also has extensive experience in designing sound systems for various applications using EASE as well as in programming Soundweb London & Q-Sys. And in his “free” time he does iOS programming as well.

languages: Danish, English

full cv and class schedule here  – https://www.rationalacoustics.no/events/categories/jakup-a-knudsen-smaart-ci/

you find the complete list of the worldwide Smaart Instructor team here – http://www.rationalacoustics.com/training/rational-instructors/

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