Smaart Di2 (student license)

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Student license at reduced prices – only available in conjunction with a course booking.

Smaart Di2 (Dual-Channel Interface) is the Two Channel Version of Smaart.

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While Smaart can access multichannel devices, it is designed to control and display only two standard Spectrum Engines, and one TF engine at a time. Smaart Di v2 is inherently Real Time mode only.


• Fractional-Octave banding up to 1/48th octave resolution
• Fractional octave or Line view of RTA data
• Ability to view raw and banded data simultaneously
• View Peak Holds, Target Curve (including cinema X-curves), and THD
• Accurately display SPL levels per 1 and 1/3 octave bands with calibrated inputs
• FIFO and integrating averaging (2, 4, 8, 16 FIFO, 1-10 Sec, Inf, Fast, Slow)
• Spectrum inputs 1 & 2 are automatically assigned to the Measurement and Reference channels of the default TF Engine
• Average multiple captured Spectrum data files (.srf) as dB or power.


• Spectrum-over-time with amplitude (level) represented by color
• Adjustable dynamic range
• Scrollable 1000+ line history
• Adjustable slice height
• Full Color or Grey Scale display

Transfer Function

• Magnitude & Coherence, Phase, and Live Impulse Response (Live IR) graphs
• Create and switch between multiple “TF Pairs”
• Multi-Time-Window (MTW) & MTW+ proprietary data acquisition
• Power of 2 FFT data acquisition from 128-32k
• Up to 1/48th octave smoothing resolution for magnitude and phase graphs
• Delay Finder and Automatic Delay Tracking
• FIFO and integrating averaging (2, 4, 8, 16 FIFO, 1-10 Sec, Inf, Fast, Slow)
• Average multiple captured TF data files (.trf) as dB, dB Coherence weighted, or Power.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Measurement

• Monitor & Log 2 inputs for SPL at a time
• SPL Meters can be broke out in to their own floating window (effectively a 1×2 SPL grid)
• User selectable SPL A, C, and None (unweighted) Fast & Slow or Leq A, C, and None (1 min – 24 hours)
• SPL Logging of the displayed metric only

Dual-Mono Signal Generator

• Random Pink Noise
• Pseudorandom Pink Noise
— User adjustable time-constant from 128 to 1024k
— Broadband or user-definable band-limiting
— Speech Weighted noise spectrum
• Sine wave or dual-sine wave with user adjustable frequency/frequencies
• File Playback via .wav or .AIFF file formats (left side only for stereo files)
• Optionally capture of data stops the signal generator

Data Acquisition

• Access any 2 connected inputs at a time
• ASIO, Wav/WDM, and Core Audio driver support
• Input calibration for SPL
• Integrated Gain & Phantom Power control with gain tracking for the Roland OctaCapture
• Does not support internal “reference to generator” or Multi-Device Transfer Function measurement

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