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SC-1 sound calibrator, 94dBspl, 110dBspl – including pouch. Please choose matching adaptors for your microphone. Available sizes are 1/2″ (10EaZy), 1/4″ (EMX 7150), and 10mm (RTA 420). Custom sizes on special order. Please ask for the price and delivery time.

Microphone adaptor not included. Please order separately. 

12 in stock (can be backordered)

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The SC-1 sound calibrator is a single-frequency dual-amplitude, self-contained field calibrator used to quickly and precisely verify microphones’ accuracy and sensitivity.

The unit generates a 1kHz reference tone at 94 and 110 dB SPL. The SC-1 consists of an amplitude-switchable stable frequency oscillator, a transducer, and a microphone coupler. The coupler accepts a large variety of microphones.


  • Frequency 1kHz +- 0.2%
  • SPL 110dB – 94dB switchable
  • Accuracy +- 0.5dB at 20 Grad Celsius and 1013 mbar
  • ambient temperature range 0 – 45 Grad Celsius
  • Temperature drift < 0.02dB per Grad Celsius
  • Temperature drift frequency: < 0.05Hz per Grad Celsius
  • Storage temperature range -25 – 55 Grad Celsius (without battery)
  • humidity five bis 95% relative
  • Power supply 9V battery or accumulator
  • Housing Aluminium, PVC
  • Dimensions Dia. 40mm, Length 132mm
  • weight (without battery) 164g

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Weight 460 g

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