4-day Smaart Operator Fundamentals & Advanced class – Reykjavik – 23.10.2023

This 4-day class combines the Smaart Operator Fundamentals course & the application practicums.  

Rational Acoustics’ Smaart classes teach professionals how to use the Smaart measurement platform effectively in real-world audio engineering. The class teaches the Basics or Operator Fundamentals course and the application practicums, covering measurement capabilities, control parameters, data reading, and measurement rig configuration skills. Participants learn to apply Smaart as a tool for sound system engineering tasks.

Dates: 23.10. to 26.10.2023 – every day from 10:00 to 17:00 with 1 hour lunchbreak.
Venue: Harpa Concert Hall, Austurbakka 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

RAFMENNT Electrical VET Centre att organize the class. Your contact person for booking is Ingi Bekk. Accommodation is not included in the price. Basic refreshments (coffee, water, etc.) are included. Your teacher is Thomas Züllich. The class will be taught in English.

Please bring a laptop with Smaart (demo or licensed) and a sound card with two channels minimum.

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The class welcomes everyone. Prior alignment experience isn’t necessary but useful. A basic understanding of sound system engineering and audio fundamentals is assumed. Contact the Smaart instructor for prerequisite queries before registering.

Smaart Operator Fundamentals teaches setup and usage of Smaart for RTA, Spectrograph, Transfer Function, and Impulse Response measurements, with a focus on valid techniques.

The course starts with system measurement theory and Smaart’s operational context in Sound System Engineering. It then teaches how Smaart works and its application in sound system engineering, emphasizing data interpretation alongside acquisition.

The Operator Fundamentals Class offers:

  • Basics of dual-channel FFT-based analysis in our industry
  • Clear explanation of their implementation in Smaart software
  • Detailed hands-on exploration of setting up and managing a Smaart measurement system.

Covered Topics (not limited to):

  • Measurement Basics: Single vs. dual-channel, time vs. frequency analysis, FFT overview.
  • Smaart Software: Installation, configuration, interface usage.
  • Measurement Rig: Hardware needs, setups, troubleshooting.
  • RTA and Spectrograph: Averaging, feedback detection, calibration.
  • Transfer Function: Magnitude, phase, coherence traces, data improvement.
  • Impulse Response: Delay setup, time alignment, FFT impact.
  • SPL Logging: Using Smaart & 10Eazy.
  • Positioning: System alignment points, mic placement.
  • Single vs. Multiple Positions.
  • Speaker Tuning: Near-field measurements, coverage evaluation, response adjustment.
  • Extension of Coverage: Fill, Delay Systems.
  • Alignment Checklist: Frequency, level, delay, polarity.
  • LTC Process: Level-Time-Combine for system integration.
  • Quick Delay Setup.
  • Subwoofer Challenges: Real-world measurements, crossover timing, arrays.

Smaart Operator Certification Program

The Smaart Operator Certification Program allows users to demonstrate their proficiency in the operation of the Smaart software platform. The program currently consists of the Smaart Operator Level 1 Certification Exam and the Smaart Operator Network. Additional levels of certification will be added as more advanced Smaart training programs and tests are developed.

 Please read more here: https://www.rationalacoustics.no/training-classes/smaart-operator-certification-program/

Smaart Operator Directory

Looking for a skilled Smaart operator to help align your sound system?

Look no further than our exclusive listing, featuring graduates of our highly respected Smaart Operator Fundamentals training program at Rational Acoustics Scandinavia. We train skilled professionals from Scandinavia and beyond. They either participated in our exclusive training programs or invited us to teach abroad.

While we’re proud of our talented “students,” please note that we cannot be held responsible for their work. That said, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect partner to fine-tune your fixed or touring sound system right here.

Please have a look here: https://www.rationalacoustics.no/training-classes/smaart-operator-directory/



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