3day operator fundamentals

The Smaart Operator Fundamentals course is the perfect opportunity to learn the essentials of setting up a Smaart measurement rig and using Smaart to make accurate RTA, Spectrograph, Transfer Function, and Impulse Response measurements. Whether you have prior system alignment experience or not, this course is open to all who are interested in advancing their knowledge of professional sound system engineering practices and basic audio fundamentals.

Throughout the course, our experienced instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of dual-channel FFT-based analysis, how to use Smaart measurement software, and how to configure and control a Smaart measurement rig. You’ll also gain practical knowledge of how to make valid and proper measurements, as well as learn how to interpret the data you acquire.

This comprehensive course is structured to provide both theoretical and practical learning opportunities. On the first day, you’ll participate in classroom lectures and labs, while the second and third days involve a hands-on practicum where you’ll use Smaart to evaluate and adjust individual system components and multiple subsystems in a multi-channel/distributed sound system. You’ll also have ample opportunities to collaborate and reinforce necessary measurement and listening skills.

Our course covers a wide range of topics, including single and dual-channel measurements, time domain vs. frequency domain analysis, FFT theory, software overviews, measurement configurations, measurement control, and interface navigation. You’ll also gain a detailed understanding of hardware requirements, standard configurations, and basic troubleshooting.

In addition, our course provides a practical examination of RTA and Spectrograph measurements, transfer function measurements, and impulse response measurements. You’ll also learn about SPL logging with Smaart and 10Eazy, measurement position choice, microphone placement, and coping with boundary conditions such as ground bounce.

Finally, you’ll receive guidance on measuring and tuning an individual speaker system, evaluating loudspeaker coverage, measuring and adjusting speaker response, and extending coverage by adding fill and delay systems. You’ll also learn how to control subwoofer arrays and manage sub energy.

Our course is generally taught in English, but it can also be taught in Norwegian if all participants agree. The class materials are in English, however. Accommodation is not included in the price, but basic refreshments such as coffee and water are provided. Please bring a laptop with Smaart (demo or licensed) and a sound card with two channels minimum. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the course prerequisites or if you’re interested in registering.

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