Smaart 8.3.1 Update Released

Smaart v8.3.1 is a minor patch to 8.3, containing important bug fixes and stability improvements. This patch is recommended for all v8 users.

If you’re updating from 8.2 or later, simply open Smaart and click File->Check for Updates to download the latest version. If you’re updating from 8.0, log into your account at to download the latest installer and run it to overwrite the older version. DO NOT deactivate Smaart, regardless of your current version.

Release Notes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using SPL History to view a stored log file
  • Fixed issues with rendering various control widgets in plots on Apple Retina displays
  • Fixed bug that prevented clearing the Calibration Offset from calibrated inputs
  • Fixed bug where Trace Info Comments were not being stored
  • Fixed bug that reset Live IR zoom region to the default range when the Options dialog was exited
  • Fixed bug where in-plot controls did not respond to clicking if Tab Bar was hidden Fixed bug where Client Window would not plot Transfer Function measurements

Smaart courses in fall 2018

This year Rational Acoustics is celebrating 10 years. We can look back at a very successful decade of making sense of the noise, and are very certain that there are many more very good years to come. The very high quality of the Smaart software is not the only reason of its great success.

The program has, without a doubt, become the worldwide standard in sound measurement software. But that is not all there is to it. The other main, and maybe even bigger part is our educational scheme. Since the beginning Rational Acoustics is running an extensive course program, second to none on the market. Many have been to our classes and many come back for more.

We learned that, for Scandinavia the classes are best run in fall and late winter. For fall 2018 we are offering the following classes. The courses will be taught by Rasmus Rosenberg.

Copenhagen, Denmark
3 day Smaart operator class – September 11th to 13th – hosted by SC Sound – in Danish language

Oslo, Norway
3 day Smaart operator class – October 2nd to 4th – hosted by Benum – in English

Stockholm, Sweden
3 day Smaart operator class – October 9th to 11th – hosted by Benum Sweden – in English

The proper implementation and use of 10 EaZy has been added to the Smaart curriculum, so the courses will give you a golden opportunity to learn more about SPL monitoring as well.

10EaZy Network in Northern Europe

10EaZy and Rational Acoustics have increased the strategic cooperation which had started several years ago with Rational Acoustics taking on distribution of 10EaZy products in North America.

Since the release of Smaart v8.2, core 10EaZy features are now integrated into the Smaart environment offering a compelling set of features.

The next natural step in this collaboration was to broaden distribution. 10EaZy  products are now available through Rational Acoustics Scandinavia and the related dealer network.


10EaZy is a sound level meter that takes away all the complexity of measurements, and offers a turn key solution that any person can use and understand, regardless of functional area and experience.

10EaZy speaks the language of sound engineers and DJ’s. With clear numeric values as well as an intuitive and innovative way of predicting the future sound level,

10EaZy is  a unambiguous and highly intuitive user interface coupled with easy to use turn-key hardware for a complete measurement solution.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact for further information or product demonstrations. You find an overview of the cost here – pricing.

SC Sound Denmark announced Smaart Partner

We are happy to announce that SC Sound has joined the growing group of companies supporting our effort on the sound system alignment education front. They certainly will help making sense of the noise.

The  Scandinavian Smaart Partner Program has been developed to help provide local training and product support to Smaart users and interested sound engineers throughout a network of Smaart Partner companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

We all work closely together coordinating the intensive courses and class program planned for the upcoming year.

We at rational acoustics are very excited to welcome SC Sound to the Smaart team.

They can be reached at:

Niels Høg
+45 27 80 19 54
Dalgas Alle 15
Naverland 34

Smaart v8.2 Update

Smaart v8.2 Update

The 2nd major version update for Smaart v8 has been released.  This update includes a complete overhaul of Smaart’s SPL measurement functionality  and integration with 10EaZy SPL Monitoring systems from SG Audio, aps.

The 8.2 release includes many significant feature additions, interface modifications and bug fixes.  This FREE update is recommended for all Smaart v8 users.  The most significant feature additions are outlined below.  For a complete release overview, including those pesky bug fixes, click HERE.

To update (if you are running Smaart 8.1 or newer and are connected to the internet) simply open Smaart and click File > Check for Updates.  Otherwise, you can download the v8.2 installer from within your license management account at

You DO NOT need to deactivate your existing installation to install the update.  If you do, you will most likely end up talking to the fine folks at Rational Tech Support.

 10EaZy Integration

Smaart 8.2 includes support for communicating with, and measuring through, 10EaZy SPL Monitoring System measurement hardware. During 8.2 installation, the 10EaZy hardware drivers are automatically installed on your computer, so you only need to plug in the 10EaZy hardware and launch Smaart to begin measuring. Previously, 10EaZy hardware could only be used in the Windows operating system, however drivers for both Windows and Mac OS X are included with Smaart. 10EaZy can be used for all single-channel measurements in Smaart. For more information about 10EaZy hardware, visit

Note: The 10EaZy/Smaart integration features are only available for 10EaZy Class 1, Class 2, and RT systems. The 10EaZy SW dongle is not supported.

Multiple Systems

Smaart can interface with multiple 10EaZy systems if they are all connected to the same computer via the onboard USB ports or a powered external USB hub. The 10EaZy Maximum Average Manager (MAM) implementation in Smaart can reference one 10EaZy microphone at a time. To monitor the SPL from multiple systems simultaneously, simply create a standard SPL Meter for each 10EaZy input.

Maximum Average Manager (MAM) with dedicated Leq meter

A dedicated Leq meter and Maximum Average Manager meter is provided for the 10EaZy microphone. When 10EaZy is connected, an additional settings group becomes available in the SPL Config (previously Meter Config) tab of the Configurator. The MAM is tied to the SPL Meters window, so you must show the SPL Meter windows (E hotkey) to see the MAM.

SPL Calculation Centralization

When an input is calibrated for SPL, and logging is enabled or an SPL meter is displayed, Smaart automatically begins calculating 14 sound level metrics for that input regardless of which meters are actually showing.

The 14 sound level metrics are:

  • dB FS
  • dB SPL Fast
  • dB A SPL Fast
  • dB C SPL Fast
  • dB SPL Slow
  • dB A SPL Slow
  • dB C SPL Slow
  • Leq1
  • LAeq1
  • LCeq1
  • LeqT (where T is a user-defined time period)
  • LAeqT
  • LCeqT
  • Peak C

This provides a way to easily log and monitor SPL/Leq without taking up screen real estate, and without the risk of resetting Leq buffers while reconfiguring SPL Meters.

Comprehensive SPL Log File

Each logged input has a dedicated, time-stamped log file containing all SPL metrics. Additional logged data includes Input Clips, Alarms, Leq Reset, and a dedicated 10EaZy Leq column if the logging device is 10EaZy. Notes can also be added to the log via the SPL History window, for storing additional information throughout the logging session.

When Smaart is closed, an informational header is written to the top of the log file containing various post-analysis results.

SPL History Window

The SPL History window is a standalone window that shows a graphical presentation of the log file generated from log-enabled inputs. Active log files (real time) or previously generated log files can be viewed in the SPL History plot. The SPL History window contains two plots where the top (primary) plot shows the full log file and is always displayed, and the secondary plot shows either the full log, or some portion of it designated by the zoom widgets in the primary plot.

The SPL History window can be accessed from the View Menu (View -> SPL History), the hotkey combo [Alt+H], or selecting SPL History from within the SPL Config tab of the Configurator. When SPL History is visible, it is listed in the Window menu along with other program windows.

Separate Input Meters and SPL Meters

Input Meters and SPL Meters are now independent standalone windows. Input Meters are automatically configured based on selected devices and inputs. Meter Config has been renamed to SPL Config and is dedicated to configuring SPL Meters. A horizontal orientation has been added to Input Meters, toggled using hotkey Alt + Shift + E or via the menu at View -> Input Meters -> Input Meter Orientation.

Polarity Invert

The polarity of an input can be inverted using the Ø button near the corresponding Input Meter. Engaging this setting inverts the polarity of the signal at the input level, effecting all measurements using that input in Smaart.

SPL Alarms and SPL Readout Colors

Two customizable SPL Alarms can be configured in the lower portion of SPL Config. When an alarm is active, the chosen calibrated input is monitored using the selected SPL metric and alarm level. If the level is exceeded, the border of the SPL Meters window flashes red and “Alarm 1 – X dB” is displayed in the title bar for the configured duration. If logging is enabled on the input, the alarm is recorded in the log file.

In the SPL Display Settings area of the SPL Config, there are three SPL thresholds that control the color of SPL meter readouts; Green Above, Yellow Above, and Red Above. If the value displayed in an SPL meter exceeds one of these thresholds, the readout color will change to reflect the threshold color. These colors serve as visual aids and SPL readout color changes are not recorded in the log file.

Smaart Intro Workshop – Oslo Opera House

We just wanted to thank the sound crew of the Oslo Opera House for having invited us to do a Smaart workshop at their premises.

Thomas gave a 1-day Smaart Intro Workshop with a high focus on the new features and usability of Smaart v.8. It was fun and informative.

Working with the staff of a venue is always very much fun. One has the chance to really dig in and find out a lot. Being given the chance to do so in such prestigious place like the Oslo Opera is mind blowing.

We worked hard and very focussed covered a lot of ground. It´s thrilling to have such skilled  nice people to work with.

Thanks again to for the invitation. – Thomas Züllich, Rational Acoustics Scandinavia

Gerhard Hertzberg, Anders Verde & Morten Aleksander Nilsen

The Oslo Opera House (Norwegian: Operahuset) is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theatre in Norway. The building is situated in the Bjorvika neighborhood of central Oslo, at the head of the Oslofjord. It is operated by Statsbygg, the government agency which manages property for the Norwegian government.

The structure contains 1,100 rooms in a total area of 38,500 m2 (414,000 sq ft). The main auditorium seats 1,364 seats and two other performance spaces that can seat 200 and 400. The main stage is 16 m (52 ft) wide and 40 m (130 ft) deep. The angled exterior surfaces of the building are covered with Italian marble and white granite and make it appear to rise from the water.

Do not hesitate to contact Thomas should you be interested in a class for your staff. Special pricing applies and is quoted per project. 

EXTON Iceland announced Smaart Partner

We are happy to announce that EXTON Iceland has signed up for the Scandinavian Smaart Partner Program and will help making sense of the noise.

The  program has been developed to help provide local training and product support to Smaart customers throughout via a network of Smaart Partner companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

EXTON and the Rational offices in Oslo & Putnam will work closely together in coordinating the intensive courses and class program planned for the upcoming year.

We at Rational Acoustics are very excited to welcome EXTON to the Smaart team.

They can be reached at:

Ingvar Jonsson
+354 6150130
Kópavogur, Iceland

2-day operator fundamentals, Denmark 2018-01-30-31

2-Day Smaart 2-day operator fundamentals at Hotel Legoland in Billund, Denmark. This class will be hosted by MAVT and will be taught by Jakup Knudsen.

Class language: Danish

Class dates are  January 30th – 31st. 2018
Day 1 is from 11:00am – 7:00pm.
Day 2 is from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

Read more about the event here:

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