VEGA – House of Music

Enghavevej 40
1674 Copenhagen V

VEGA is known as one of the leading concert stages in Europe. This is not only due to optimal venue audio and lighting conditions, but also because the building is an exciting architectural gem, which provides the perfect setting for evocative arrangements. Showcasing original 50’s design gives the building a unique atmosphere, and VEGA’s decor with dark wood paneling, mahogany floors, friezes, and the many original details including railings, balustrades and lamps in typical Scandinavian style are the hallmarks of VEGA.

The building was originally named The People’s House and was the stronghold of the Danish worker’s union movement. It was built in 1956 and designed by the famous Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen, who is also known for other period building works such as Broadcasting House and the award-winning old terminal at Copenhagen Airport. When unions pulled out, The People’s House was deserted for many years and was beginning to deteriorate. But after an extensive restoration in 1996 the building reopened as VEGA – House of Music. The property is one of the youngest listed buildings in Denmark.

Most people know VEGA for concerts and VEGA’s former night club, but the house atmospheric halls and labyrinthine hallways contains a wealth of other options. Besides the three concert halls, Store VEGA, Lille VEGA and Ideal Bar, VEGA has many other rooms that each have a distinctive character and offers the opportunity to house small and medium sized companies. The beautiful premises can also provide a framework for example press conferences, company parties, general meetings and cultural events.

See pictures of The People’s House and VEGA’s interior HERE.

Facts about VEGA

– Venues:
Store VEGA (capacity 1550 guests)
Lille VEGA (capacity 500 guests)
Ideal Bar (capacity 250 guests)
VEGA Lounge and bar (capacity 330 guests)
– Approx. 250,000 guests and about 250 concerts and events annually.
– Greatest artists of VEGA’s CV: Prince, David Bowie, Björk, Suede, Kylie Minogue, Norah Jones, Moby, Foo Fighters, Blur, Fatboy Slim, DJ Shadow and others
– VEGA was in 1997 named “Best European Music Venue” by the international music magazine Live.
– VEGA is a regional venue, owned and operated by the foundation Koncertvirksomhedens Fond, which receives grants from the State and City of Copenhagen.
– VEGA is headed by a board of seven members. There are approx. 160 employees, most of which are employees paid by the hour. In the daily operation and administration VEGA employs approx. 23 full-time employees.
– The building dates from 1956 – a unique example of Scandinavian architecture preserved and was for many years the stronghold of the Danish labor movementThe building reopened in 1996 as a concert arena called VEGA.
– Besides concerts VEGA also organizes celebrations, receptions, lectures, press conferences etc.


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