OPS35 Outdoor system

The OPS 35 system is designed to be used with a large variety of microphones in the nominal mic diameter range of 1/4“ to 1/2“ as well as different mic lengths.

It is available in two standard lengths; 285 mm for use with iSEMcon’s EMM-7101 or 385 mm for use with iSEMcon’s EMX-7150 among other 3rd party microphones.

OPS35 Outdoor system
500000OPS35-385 long version microphone protection system€‎ 385,88
500001OPS35-285 long version microphone protection system€‎ 352,80
500010OPS35-100 extension€‎ 41,90
500011OPS35-AD1/4 microphone adapter for 1/4″ 7mm microphones€‎ 40,79
500012OPS35-AD1/2-IMP microphone adapter for 1/2″ 12,7mm microphones€‎ 40,79
500013OPS35-AD1/2-IEC microphone adapter for 1/2″ 13,2mm microphones€‎ 40,79
500019OPS35-ADcust microphone adapter for custom size microphones (specify within 7…13.2mm range or name microphone)€‎ 60,64
500020OPS35-WS-01 windscreen€‎ 18,74
500031OPS35-SKit 1 Service Kit 1 – O-rings€‎ 5,51
500032OPS35-SKit 2 Service kit 2 – Screws€‎ 11,03
500040OPS35-RT150 Additional roof top to prevent from windscreen soaking, improves sound quality under heavy rain conditions, extra anti-€‎ 164,27
500056bird spikes included OPS35-FLTdwr durable water reppellet (hydrophobic) filter, 1/2″ microphone€‎ 54,02
500060OPS35-MHTptc-1/4″ microphone PTC heater 12V/3 Watts, 1/4″ microphone€‎ 173,09
500061OPS35-MHT-imp1/2″ microphone PTC heater 12V/3 Watts, 1/2″ 12,7mm microphone€‎ 173,09
500062OPS35-MHT-iec1/2″ microphone PTC heater 12V/3 Watts, 1/2″ 13,2mm microphone€‎ 173,09
500071OPS35-MNT50 T50mm OPS holder for 50mm Truss system, 150mm distance€‎ 36,75
500072OPS35-SEC T50mm includes security line/bond for OPS 35 / 50mm Truss system€‎ 39,90
500073OPS35-MNT50/SEC mounting Set T50mm set for 50mm truss system includes 1x holder and 1x security fixture€‎ 66,15
  • OPS35 SYSTEM – pdf
  • OPS Outdoor system installation manual – pdf

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