Accessories & Cables

221020MTS-3 Microphone desk stand€‎ 10,14
222010MH-99/SW Microphone holding clamp, spring loaded€‎ 2,88
222020MH-CH19 Microphone holding clamp, Snap-IN, Best fit€‎ 8,35
222050MH-SH19 Shockmount€‎ 11,08
220010MH-13D-SNK Flexible Holding device for 1/2″ mm microphone€‎ 34,77
220011MH-07D-SNK Flexible Holding device for 7mm microphone€‎ 34,77
220022MH-07D/7101-CA Microphone bushing€‎ 12,20
220020MH-13D-CA Microphone bushing€‎ 10,62
220020MH-13D2-CA Microphone bushing€‎ 11,98
240030WS-7XL windscreen€‎ 9,63
240020SWS-7 windscreen w/ spray water protection€‎ 23,97
250010MB-230-BOX box w/ precut foam insert, small€‎ 31,37
250020MB-330-BOX box w/ precut foam insert, medium€‎ 57,98
250030MB-430-BOX box w/ precut foam insert, large€‎ 86,98
250060MB-190-Box€‎ 25,94
260010MP-22S neoprene pouch€‎ 8,35
Converters & Cables
340020SA-P48/CCP-C Phantom power/Signal converter, XLR to BNC€‎ 101,30
720010CX-ACM-2m Coaxial cable, SMA-BNC, 2m€‎ 26,32
720011CX-ACM-5m Coaxial cable, SMA-BNC, 5m€‎ 30,96
730010CX-BFCM-2m Coaxial cable, SMB-BNC, 2m€‎ 34,21
730011CX-BFCM-5m Coaxial cable, SMB-BNC, 5m€‎ 39,34
710010CX-CCM-2m Coaxial cable, BNC-BNC, 2m€‎ 18,36
710011CX-CCM-5m Coaxial cable, BNC-BNC, 5m€‎ 22,36
740010XLR-XLR-Cable CX-mXLR-2m€‎ 16,81
740011CX-mXLR-5m XLR-XLR-Cable€‎ 18,83
750010CX-BFBF-2m Coaxial cable SMB-SMB€‎ 36,59
750011CX-BFBF-5m Coaxial cable SMB-SMB€‎ 41,80
760010CX-BFXM-2m Coaxial cable XLRm-SMB€‎ 27,66
760011CX-BFXM-5m Coaxial cable XLRm-SMB€‎ 32,74

iSEMcon of Viernheim, Germany, develops and manufactures high end measuring microphones, calibrators, amplifiers and accessories.

The microphones, calibrators and accessories are of the highest quality – yet very affordable. Many sound engineers do swear by them.

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