4 hour Smaart Workshop, Norgesbuss Oslo

4 hour Smaart Workshop, Norgesbuss Oslo

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Kurset avholdes i samarbeid med Norgesbuss

Note – the class will be held in Norwegian (bokmål) should all participants agree.

This Workshops topics for this day are:

  1. What is “good” sound transmission?
  2. Public Address systems basics
  3. STIPA

The class is limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Right now there are 6 places available. Please book quickly to avoid disappointment.

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The Smaart, Smaart SPL & 10EaZy Intro Workshops are open to all interested persons. Prior system alignment experience is not required, but is definitely helpful. This workshop serves as a thorough, practical hands-on introduction to the Smaart platform for new or interested users, and also covers specific topics.

Topics Covered Include (but not limited to):
Context: Why & how we use Smaart: What is sound and how do we analyze it ? / Waveform, Transforms & FFT / Time Domain vs. Frequency Domain / What measurements do we make: Dual-Channel vs. Single-Channel Measurements / Spectrum & Transfer Function Measurements/Physical Measurement Configurations

Smaart v.8 & Di2, SPL and 10EaZy : Interface Overview/ Input Device Configuration / Measurement Control / Data Capture/ View Control /Single Channel Measurements (RTA & Spectrograph) /SPL Calibration/ Dual-Channel Measurements (Transfer Function) / Multi-Channel Measurement Issues/Impulse Response Mode

Measurement demonstrations :
RTA long term response analysis & spotting trends / Spectrograph spotting feedback and resonances / Determining relative level/ Multi-position averaging /Loudspeaker equalization / Polarity vs. Phase / Delay Systems / Subwoofer Alignment / SPL monitoring

The workshop (if not otherwise mentioned) will be held in English. Accommodation is not included in the price. Basic refreshments (coffee, water etc.) are included.