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Smaart v.7 and Smaart v.7 DI Updates available

We have released updates for both Smaart v7 and Smaart v7 Di.
Both are free updates and are recommended for all v7 and/or v7 Di users.
A detailed list of the new features and bug fixes for each release is included below.

This update includes all of the Real Time Mode features that were added to the full v7 program in the 7.5 update. Smaart v7 Di 1.1 also includes the long awaited v7 Di API. There is no licensing change for this update, simply follow the normal update instructions below.

Note: Due to functional differences between Smaart v7 and v7 Di, the Di API is not identical to the v7 API. Existing third-party programs that include integration with the v7 API will not work with DI until the manufacturer of that program includes the ability to connect to the DI API. All existing SDK recipients have been notified of this change in advance.

• Added Smaart v7 Di API
Allows third party programs the ability to query and issue basic command to any operating copy or v7 Di (Host) as well as request the output data of any of its running measurements (graphics)

• Added Normalize function for TF measurements 
Holding the Shift key and clicking anywhere on the Magnitude plot Normalizes all visible traces to 0 dB at that frequency.

• Added Quick Compare for TF measurements (Trace Subtract)
Quick Compare captures a copy of the top Transfer Function trace and stores the inverse in memory as a weighting curve. This curve can be quickly applied as a global weighting curve to all live Transfer Function measurements. See the help file topic “Weighting Curves” for more information.

• Added Target Curves on RTA plots
Import ASCII traces into Smaart and display them in a static position on the RTA plot to serve as a visual target or threshold for your single-channel measurements. Curves are managed from Options -> Target Curves and are toggled with the X hotkey.

• Live IR plot can now occupy a proportional amount of space when viewing multiple plots 
The Live IR plot can occupy 1/3 or 1/2 of the plot space when viewed with another TF plot. This feature is enabled by checking “Proportional Panes” in Transfer Function Options.

• Added Configuration Management
Save as/Restore default on current configuration. Recall, delete and copy functions for stored configs.

• Hover text on Trace Folders (useful when using long folder names) 
Hovering your cursor over Trace Folders displays information text similar to Trace Info text.

• Improved Fractional Octave Smoothing
• Improved Coherence-Weighted Averaging
• Improved Integrated Averaging (1 sec, 2 sec, etc)
• Changed Mag Range in TF Options to be a Customizable Default
• Changed Smaart IO to be Default Output Device for Signal generator (when connected)

For more information about these new v7 Di features, please review Smaart’s built-in Help File.

The 7.5.2 update is a minor update with a few important bug fixes.

• Fixed bug where IR ETC would not calculate for certain filters
• Fixed bug where Normalize wouldn’t work if only one trace was being shown
• Fixed bug where global weighting was being applied to loaded traces
• Fixed smoothing bug with measurements falling below magnitude threshold 

Update Instructions (applicable to both Smaart v7 and v7 Di)

1. Log into your account at http://my.rationalacoustics.com.
2. Select “Your Software Licenses” on the main navigation bar.
3. Click on your Smaart v.7 or Smaart v7 Di license in your list of registered products.
4. On your Smaart License page, scroll down to find the link to download the latest installer (Mac or Windows)
5. Install the new version by running the installer program (Windows) or dragging the new version from the disk image into your Applications folder (Mac).
6. It is NOT necessary to deactivate or re-activate your installation or re-register your v.7 or v.7 Di License.

Updating to Smaart v7.4

John Aldrich from Rational Acoustics explains the new licensing and activation procedure for upgrading your Smaart v7 license to the current 7.4 release. This release is free to v7 license holders.

Details about the release can be found here:
or here:


*Captions are available for this video. These captions can be automatically translated into any language supported by Google Translate. Click on the captions icon (CC), then choose “Translate” from the drop-list*

* Los subtítulos están disponibles para este video. Estos títulos se pueden traducir de forma automática en cualquier lenguaje soportado por Google Translate. Haz clic en el icono de subtítulos (CC), a continuación, elija “Traducir” de la lista desplegable *

Smaart v.7 Video Library

We have just finished the first set in a series of new Smaart v.7 support videos.

These first 3 videos cover the basics of getting your Smaart v.7 license registered, installed and activated, as well as releasing and restoring a license on the same (or different) machines.Eventually we will have a whole slew of videos covering everything from licensing/registration to basic smaart configuration & measurement to specialty topics like “looking at comb filtering”, etc…  Jamie is working on them as we speak.

You can subscribe to the Rational Acoustics YouTube Channel to be notified whenever a new video is available.

Smaart v.7 released

After 2 years of development, over 150,000 lines of code and gallons of blood, sweat and tears we are happy to announce that Smaart v.7 is now ready for initial release!

Smaart v.7 is available for online purchase immediately .  You can also download a 30 Day Demoof Smaart v.7 (please be sure to read the “ReadMe” doc on the demo download page).

Users can purchase new licenses or upgrade licenses from Smaart versions 4, 5 or 6.   If you are upgrading from a previous version of Smaart, be sure to ahve your previous version license number handy. As a reminder, Smaart v.6 licenses MUST be registered at http://my.rationalacoustics.com prior to upgrading to v.7.  (if you registered your license at my.eaw.com, your license and account info has been transferred over to my.rationalacoustic.com and you should be able to log in with the same e-mail address and password that you used to initially register your license).

Upgrading online is the quickest and most efficient method of upgrading.  However, we do understand taht there are some users who cannot do an online purchase.  If you must pruchase a license (either upgrade or new) offline you can do so by contacting us direclyt at +1-860-928-7828 or sales@rationalacoustics.com.  International users can purchase licenses directly from your local Rational Acoustics distributor.

Hard copy CD packages of Smaart v.7 (new licenses only) will be available for purchase via our online web store in approximately 2 weeks.  Please check with your local distributor for availability of hard copy CD packages.

If you purchased Smaart v.6 after June 1, 2009, you are entitled to a free upgrade to Smaart v.7.  To claim your free upgrade, please go to the online purchase page and click on “Upgrade License”.  Enter your v.6 license number and it will take you to an order confirmation page with a zero-dollar ($0) transaction (don’t worry, even though it asks for “billing info”, you won’t be asked for any credit card info..).    Once you have completed your order, an e-mail with your new v.7 license and installer links for both Mac and Windows will be sent to you.

The feature set in this v.7.0 release of Smaart represents what we feel to be the minimum for initial release.  However this is nowhere near the end of Smaart v.7 development.  “After dot” releases with new features and updates will continue to be released on a regular basis throughout the coming weeks, months and years.  All new releases and updates will be available to Smaart v.7 users through their license accounts at my.rationalacoustics.com.  We have a lot planned for this new Smaart platform – it was built to do some amazing things. So stay tuned !

We appreciate everyone’s contintued support of Smaart and your patience while we created a product that we are proud to bring to market.  We truly could not have done it without you !